Finished the highlights, vials, and started the basing on the sequitors. #hobbystreak day 76 #warhammer #ageofsigmar #miniatures

Well, I gave into nostalgia and bought the updated version of my first #necromunda gang. And the #ageofsigmar Knight Incantor variant because #stormcasteternals. #geekery #tabletopgaming

A Frozen Sylvaneth Credit: The sylvaneth are the offspring of the goddess Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood. They are beings of nature, creatures of life magic whose flesh and sinew are crafted from the living boughs of the wyldwood. The relationship between the sylvaneth and the Mortal Realms is wholly symbiotic, as are their bonds with each other – all the children of Alarielle are connected by the haunting spirit-song that courses through them. The unifying energies of this strange melody bind the sylvaneth together as one people. Fey creatures of the wilderness, the sylvaneth can appear capricious or cruel to some. Their motivations seem inconstant, their deeds whimsical and strange. The sylvaneth are not moved by mortal desires such as expanding their borders or amassing plunder. Instead, they are driven to safeguard the natural cycles of the Mortal Realms no matter how weird or dangerous those might be, and to cleanse the land of that which taints it. The sylvaneth can thus prove difficult allies, for their goals and motivations often conflict with those they are fighting alongside. Though sometimes misunderstood by mortal allies, the sylvaneth are good and noble beings, staunch enemies of Chaos. During the Age of Myth, the sylvaneth claimed places of natural power all across the Mortal Realms. It was these places they fought and died to defend during the Age of Chaos, battling with wild determination even as their Everqueen fought her own war against Nurgle in the Realm of Life. Despite their efforts, the sylvaneth were driven back, until only scattered pockets of resistance remained. Their doom seemed assured. Yet extinction was not to be their fate…

Finished up 10 Plaguebearers for #AgeofSigmar or #40k Now to hammer out Horticulous Slimex and some Nurglings. #paintingwarhammer

This Games Workshop is actually 15 away from my work. Also one my favorites store, because of the amount of tables and layout. Picked up a new case as a late birthday present to my self. #painting #gamesworkshop #warhammer40k #hobby #citidel #citidelpaints #citidelminatures #present #treatyoself #ageofsigmar #aos

Mierce Miniatures, Ewart, Sleanbera Warrior🐻

Almost done with this magister of tzeentch. #warhammer #paintingwarhammer #ageofsigmar #tzeentch