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It's amazing how one little hole can cause such a big problem. As I was pulling into my parking area for the day, so I could go home and spend the night at the house, I hear an air leak. I was like great, I blew an airbag. Nope. Drive tire gave out. It's a few inches down the inside sidewall, so I have no idea what happened. Thought maybe at first I'd hit q wench but have no wenches there... I checked the driveway where I pulled I. And found no debris. I've pulled into this place many times and never had anything happen. Of course it's when I'm just doing an overnighter, so now I get to wait 1.5 hours for Pilot tire care to show up, plus repair time, before I can go home and be with my family for the night :/ On the bright side, it happened at 5 mph or less and not 55 mph or greater. #truckerproblems #justmyluck #flatbedlife #americantruckers

Don't tell the DOT, but I may have had a "little" help during my pre-trip and trip planning this afternoon. Poots wanted to know what EVERYTHING did lol. So she got to see the main engine (she thought the hood was trying to get her when I opened it haha), check for leaking fuel, look at suspension parts, check the fifth wheel, trailer, lighting, and even tag along as I checked and tightened straps (she didn't care too much for the shrieking noise the wenches made, though). After tightening straps, everytime we'd walk past one "I think this one looks loose, Dad.". My little girl had me cracking up! I had some good days off and was blessed enough to get to stop by the house one more night after picking up this current load. These kids and their beautiful mommy are my world (oh, and happy Mother's Day @shelby_and_lees_mama I love you) are the reason I do what I do. Can't wait to see them again in about 2 weeks for Poots' birthday. My big girl is going to be 5 (and she's getting registered for Kindergarten this next week, too!) Currently in the middle of nowhere in Nevada. 520 miles from here to my drop on Monday, so tomorrow will be a full day of driving. They grow up too fast to start with, and even faster when you're on the road, it seems. #daddyslittletrucker #flatbedlife #hometimeisthebesttime #lovemyfamily #lovemykiddos #happymothersday #americantruckers