Got this as a late birthday present from the bf today 😍 Go check out @findyoursmile his work is beautiful 😍😍😍 Disney AND watercolour?! What more could I ask for 🖤 #artistappreciation #disney #watercolour #book #art #beautiful #inlove

I put this into the doodle for google contest a few months ago. I didn't even place but I worked really hard and put a lot of time into it. The theme of this contest this year was "What inspires me". For those who don't know, I spent 6 months in and out of the hospital battling leukemia. I was put through intensive chemo and I spent so much time away from my family. I survived it all and that strength inspired me. I didn't know that I had it in me until I had to fight for my life. It made me realize that if I could survive that, then I could do anything. My strength and the strength of the other children around me in the hospital facing the same things inspired me to do better. It's made me appreciate life more. I've been a little tired and lazy since my treatment, but I really want to start doing more with my life. I'm getting my energy back and I've realized that I need to put that energy into change. My experiences have inspired me to live a better life knowing that I can get through anything. Sorry that was super freaking sappy. I usually hate talking about this sappy crap but I feel like I needed to share my artwork with an explanation and the feeling behind it. Maybe the people at google were looking for something a little bit more relatable or maybe this topic didn't quite fit the theme. Maybe it was just too damn sappy. I don't know but I'm still proud of my work even if google wasn't impressed. #art #fuckcancer #cancerawareness #doodleforgoogle #google #painting #watercolor #sappyaf #change #leukemia #childhoodcancer

Heaven writes great mystery on pink papers. A silent man writes of flowers in the thoughts of his hidden intimacy. Only the wind knows the secrets of a burgeoning World. #magic #night #landscape #poetry #art #moon #urban #moon #girl #thoughts #streetstyle #trend #travelphotography