“The greater the storm, the brighter the rainbow” ⛈🌈✨ This isn’t something I usually post... idek know what I’m doing with my feed 😂 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #rainbow #colorful #art #silver #shiny #quote #inspirationalquote #marker #crayola #watercolor #calligraphy #fauxligraphy #handwriting #handlettering #lettering #bujo #bulletjournal #artinspiration #artinspo #uplifting #watercolors #gansaitambi #colour #cloud #drawing #sharpie #markofthemonth

Finished drawing of the @peakyblindersofficial for @p_wicks01 ✍️✏️🎩 time-lapse link in bio 🔙 Pencils used: @caran_dache . . . #peakyblinders #peakyfuckingblinders #petewicks #carandache #series #tvshow #breakingbad #joerogan #tommyshelby #cillianmurphy #tomhardy #alfiesolomons

“Today, I saw the most beautiful piece of art called ‘Ciel’ by Nicholas de Stael at the @hoteldecaumont, a modern art museum in France. It took my breath away. It was absolutely stunning.” xx @_raquelgarciadesign_ #ad

“the weight of your heart/the weight of a feather” speaks to the origins of the concept of justice. A specific image depicts a scale or fulcrum, representing the idea of balance and judgement. The weight of the heart (soul) is lighter than or equal to the feather of truth, the symbol of the goddess MAAT, or “truth.” The concept of “justice” has also been connected to nature. For centuries, philosophers, scientists, writers, and artists have looked to nature to help find order, balance, and better relationships between one another. To “ground” our installation and make a meaningful, site-specific connection between the location of the project and the subject matter of the adjacent Justice Center, we explored the symbolic connections between nature and justice. The Sweet Chestnut tree means, “Do me Justice;” its ugly exterior belies its sweet fruit, suggesting that one must look beyond outward appearances before making a judgement. Rudbeckia, as in a coneflower or black-eyed Susan represents the overall concept of justice, able to thrive if given the opportunity. Coltsfoot, more likely recognized by the daisy or dandelion speaks to “innocence” and that “Justice shall be done.” #leawoodkansas #artinstallation #artinspiration #lightingdesign

Dream Baby Dream ( digital painting with a computer mouse on canvas ): A tribute to Alan Vega And Martin Rev.

today i'm working from home again. i'm finally getting around to my notebook covers and having fun trying out new origami folds. i'm surrounded by candles, incense, and plant babies, and my little man is happily playing with his batman legos. the energy here is calm and inspiring and i can't help but to feel grateful. these moments open my eyes to the life i'm actually living. • sure, things are a shitshow at least 60% of the time. chasyn is usually running through our home ripping things apart and throwing things out of our 3rd story window through the little hole in the screen. i can't catch a break or a moment of silence because i'm too busy stressing the fuck out trying to keep things in order here and get work done while changing diapers, making food, and entertaining my babe. things are usually a mess. but it's perfect. i can say with certainty that i wouldn't change a thing about where i am in life. • happy tuesday, my loves. take a few seconds today to fill your heart with gratitude for what you have ♡