Sometimes you just gotta play the recorder. With your nose. #campbashore

We're hunting Sasquatch! #campbashore

Once owned by a Scout, poor Socky died an ignominious death when he was carelessly discarded. Over the course of the day, valiant Socky, a sock who gave his all in life, was reduced to a husk of his previous self. Local legend tells is a Scout who will someday retrieve Socky, thus closing the circle. (Eulogy by Ed McCarron, Troop 44) #campbashore

Sailing on Stouffer (Photo courtesy @safetybillp) #campbashore

Climbing gear (Photo from Troop 393) #campbashore

SPLASH!! . . #campbashore

Medicine merit badge (yes, they take our blood pressure AFTER the Scoutmaster Cook-off!) . . #campbashore