This incredible @pixibeauty parcel arrived at my front door today and I couldn’t believe it! Look how many pretty things were inside - including the glow inducing highlighter duos which are super dreamy ✨💫 #gifted

An icon in the making🗽 #HairMasqueAndScalpDetox

What are your go-to skincare essentials to get you through the week? We couldn't live without our micro-channelling patches!

It's been a wee while since I've done a flatlay, eh? 😆 Who has seen those glitter eyeshadow palettes that @makeuprevolution have just brought out? I'm so tempted by all three palettes 😍🙈

BLOGGED // 80 Days of Summer update ♥️ Link in bio #80daysofsummer

Have you ever wondered how our go-to wellness guru @beyoubewholesome gets her gorgeous glow? ✨She’ll show you how, right here on our IG stories. - Join us Wednesday, June 27th for Lauren’s tips on all things wellness, beauty & even brows!

So today, I needed a day just with my baby girl. No work, no messages, no cleaning (well okay a little) but my, we have had a lovely day! We have been walking everywhere and anywhere.. the park, the beach.. came home for some lunch, then we went out again! The weather has been beautiful and I really wanted some one on one time with Amelie. Even though I am with her all day every day of the week (bar 4 hours when her dad is down) it seems as if there is always things to do, places to go.. so today was so special to me. . . Amelie was so excited today also to be wearing her new wristbands! They are child friendly, and they have been personalised with “Amelie” “My mummy” and my mobile number. They are such an amazing invention. None of us parents like to think of our little ones wandering off.. not being able to find them.. let’s face it.. we have all had that moment of wondering where they are, whether it’s for 2 seconds or 5 minutes. Luckily Amelie is always very close to me when we’re walking around, though recently she has been trying to play peek a boo under clothes rails.. or running off to try and grab a banana.. so these bracelets are fab, funky and an amazing safety precaution. So incase your child does run off, at least your contact number is on there wrist! I currently have a discount code.. so if you want to purchase some of these fab wrist bands pop across to @my_ring_rings .. and enter code •MAGIC20• for 20% off these fab creations! They come in so many different colours they are suitable for every little one ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 Cannot recommend enough! #healthyhappyeveryafter

Happy #summersolstice dollhearts 💜 I hope its been a wonderful day for you, the sunshine has returned here & it's bliss, enjoy ☀️💜🌸🐞🌻🌳🌷💜☀️

Y O U H A V E G O T T H I S No matter what your head is telling you, you have got this. No matter how hard it feels, looks or even is you will get through it. It might not look this wag right now but I promise you that you will get there. Maybe not today or even next month but you will. Don't lose faith in how strong you really are. 💜