#lastcall ! 22 августа официально закрывается набор на #fashionovationnyc ! Если вы давно мечтали ✅ посетить #неделямодывньюйорке #nycfw #fashionshows #nolchashows #flyingsolonyc ✅узнать закулисные процессы #мирмоды #backstage ✅получить #практикадлястилистов #стилист #stylist ✅узнать бизнес возможности для вывода своего бренда на рынок США #продажидлядизайнера #дизайнеродежды #развитиебизнеса #fashioneducation и многое другое-поторопитесь ! Наши превосходные кураторы усили программу вдвойне! @violettamalakhova наш эксперт #fashionworld погрузит в тайны и закулисные процессы #fashionnyc , а @manziuk_v_ и @global_iq дополнят взгляд со стороны бизнес процессов ! Поспешите , группа уже собрана и скоро счастливчики докажут себе и окружающим , что #dreamscometrue 💫 вместе с #fashionovation 🔥

We got back home late last night after 3 days in New York this week! We visited @ny_now for the first time and found some amazing new products to bring into our store. On our second day we visited the flatiron and soho districts during the day and saw the amazing Come From Away play at night! Guys, it was SO good!! Such a high energy musical with a heartfelt story. You have to see it if you have the opportunity! Yesterday we made our way to Brooklyn to take in those waterfront views. We stopped by the new 1 Hotel property and wow, that place was stunning! Today, we happily sat in our office to give our feet some rest, ha!

THE HAMPTONS August 17th: summer is slippering away 😱😱 many projects ongoing and not enough time!! Well today we have just received from the Artisan Atelier these pearlized plum ankle shoes and shoulder bag!! Enjoy your weekend...keep designing and crafting for [email protected]

The big Apple is here done by one of our resident tattoo artist @maizart

Here's a mint green @neometaljewelry done by one of our very own piercer @clickdacosigner ...come by our shop to check out our collection of Cool , Sexy and Classy jewelery Model:@izzygallanarr

Everlane - This previously online-only shop opened its first ever brick and mortar store in Nolita in December 2017 and is a testament to the importance of having digital as well as physical presence in this ever-expanding age of digital marketing. Be sure to check them out irl!

•••••Photographed by: @empricismco Model: @malikawears •••••

What is your favorite movie?🎬 My top is the movie directed by Luc Besson “Leon: The Professional.” (1994) It is amazing piece of art for me.🖤 If you haven’t seen it, you should.

Excited to announce that we will be hosting a Pop Up Shop in #NYC please see link in bio to RSVP, limited space. 🌱☀️