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植物園のお花シリーズ 「時計草」 以前、庭で育てていたこともあったんですけど、繁殖力が強すぎて手に負えなくなって、引っこ抜いてしまった苦い経験があり(汗) でも、咲いているのを見るのは好きです。 #一眼レフカメラ #キャノン #canon #eos5dmark4 #canoneos5dmark4 #flower #flowers #flowerphoto #花の写真館 #花 #京都府立植物園 #植物園 #botanicalgarden #時計草 #トケイソウ #木漏れ日 #Instaflower #flowerInstagram #floweroftheday

A little arrangement from this morning. A few sunny August zinnias, roses and snapdragons.

The #echinacea are blooming in the Mojo Gardens which means summer is closing down and the inevitable reintroduction of structure and what I call the tyranny of busyness loom ahead. . . “We do have an an inner life, and that inner life needs to have respect and needs to have some nourishment for itself. And that’s why art can never be a luxury — because, if it is, being human is a luxury; being who we actually are is a luxury. Life can’t be about utility — it has also to be about emotion, it has to be about imagination, it has to be about things for their own sake, so that this journey of ours makes sense to us and is not simply something that we’re rather fretfully trying to get through another day, another week, another month — that pressure that we so often feel… Reading books really does take your hand off the panic button, it allows your breathing to return to normal, it allows you to occupy the space isn’t entirely ruled by other people’s demands and by utility.” -Jeanette Winterson