다리 한쪽은 왜 뻗고있는거니? 😛

쭌이가 좋아하는 산책로 🌿

생일기념 롱롱 산책 (을 가장한 운동?!🙄) 아무도없어 목줄은 사진찍을때만 잠깐 풀었어요😅

Are you taking a #photo of me falling #asleep again?!? 😏

No tres-pawsing allowed! 🐾

who knew you could play tug of war with a hedgehog? going to post new videos every wednesday!

by unknown Circus

Gotta love airplane ears ! Reese had been dying to get in this box when it was full of bags and so when it got emptied she was the first one there !