Sunday fun day! Today, we hiked 6 miles down a snowy trail to a 220ft semi-frozen waterfall! It was incredible navigating nowhere with @navigationnowhere. Also, child carriers are amazing. Not only did Payson ride on my back for 3 hours through the snow in near freezing conditions, she slept half the time! By: @thefrugalrver By: @dueterbag

Actually took some vacation time this summer and went on a lil adventure with these two amazing women. #capechignecto #familyhike #latergram #family #hikelikeagirl #hikersofinstagram #feelingloved

Hiking near Valencia with a view of the Mediterrean, and almost passing out in nearly 40 degree heat. Missing Spain already 😢 Photo credit: @agus.guardiola #españa #hiking #summer #hikersofinstagram #sea #sun #sky #spain #valencia #spain #uomsport #holiday #hot

"Are we there yet?" Feeling the burn only a few miles in. Rocky Mountain National Park // Colorado // August 2018

"Sometimes, nature shows us what it seemed impossible." (Location: Rainbow Mountain, Peru) ---- Thanks, @sofia_sogamar for showing us where you with Deuter. ----- Please tag to be featured. We love to see where you Deuter! ----- By: @deuter

I’m not crooked, you are • • • Thinking about the school year starting up has me missing one of my favorite trips this year, going up to explore Washington’s crazy winter landscapes