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Aquele monte de prédios importantes em uma só foto 🚩 #saopaulocity #EuVivoSP

@bucharestbusinessclub îmi oferă posibilitatea de a cunoaște persoane cu o viziune asemănătoare și care share-uim aceleași valori de business. @rodicaionescu este persoană care face “PR pe tocuri” și o profesionistă desăvârșită!

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Now that I’m practically Danish (cue eye rolls), I also barrack for their soccer team 😋😂 The Hyggelig lifestyle similar to concepts that ties in with biblical principles about temporal and eternal things we own and Marie Kondo’s book, making us question “ Does this bring us joy?” So, I began throwing out pretty much everything I own (10 bags full of items) ... only keeping things that have brought me joy. See, it’s not that God doesn’t want us to have nice things but it’s about what we place importance on. Similarly with our upkeep of appearances, It’s great to go to the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle but do we sometimes get so caught up in looking a certain way to make ourselves feel better? Beauty is fleeting ... meaning our looks depreciate everyday, however God looks at our heart. When nice things begin to take a reign on how we treat others or our time spent to get those things - we miss the mark. Gods shown me that the only thing that is eternal is my soul - once I die my character, who I was when He gave me time to live on earth, my legacy, my love and my obedience + care for people are far more important than anything I own. The Hyggelig lifestyle is also about spending more time with the natural elements, people you love & immersing yourself in everyday memories. I’m adopting ways to be more invested in relationship with people (and only on my phone screen when necessary), God and the environment. For me, the next few fun steps are getting a bike (birthday present anyone?¿ 😆), becoming involved in an Energy org initiative (mission: net-zero by 2038) and growing spiritually as close as I can get to God, for being present in the moment, to not get caught up in trends but to live fully and wholly for God. Even if you don’t believe in God, I encourage you to think about this ☺️ 2 Corinthians 4:17-18 #seeyouinreallife #hygge #lessismore #livingmybestlife #thankyoujesus #howgoodislife

Siargao Island, Philippines 📸 @hyacinthpregoner #travel #wowpinas #itsmorefuninthephilippines #choosephilippines

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Sendiri bukan berarti sepi😊,kadang kita juga butuh introspeksi diri.semangat😊😍 @hotwheels_indo #tantanganhotwheels #bawahotwheels #hotwheels #hotwheelsindonesia #iphone7plus #iphoneography #pothography #selebgram