This has been me over last few days ✨ ✨ I've slept so much since coming home from the love, joy and happiness retreat ✨ ✨ I shifted huge amounts on Saturday and cried til I thought I'd break ✨ ✨ Sounds awful eh? But I loved it. This crap has been holding me back for so many years, I'm glad to get rid of it!! ✨ ✨ I'm not done yet but I'm taking extra care of me for a few days. Extra rest and self love is what's needed before continuing to work on shifting those negative self beliefs ✨ ✨ I'm #onestepcloser 💕💕

Darkness love's me and I love it too~

Brutal Head Kick Knockout!😳👊.. @DaronCruickshank 🇺🇸 (20-10) - Returns to action this July 29th At RIZIN FF 11 🇯🇵 .. Saitama!🔥 > • • • #mma #saitama .. >🎥- @RIZIN_Staff 10 🇯🇵

All about last night #casandrasbelle @taolasvegas

Dude couldn’t even take it anymore #familymovieday #myposse #knockedout #incredibles2

Wipeout Wednesday 😂😂😂 #knockedout #poorknee #wipeout #wipeoutwednesday #atleastigotit. @cameronbaumgartner5 @jake_mcvey #rockclimbing #verticalendeavors @my_name_is_sem @louwashburn37