Things I do that will either make my roommates in Indy hate me or love me: -Sing all of the time and it’s usually one hit wonders or Disney songs (You’re Welcome) 😚🎶 -Get hangry if it’s been too long since I last ate🤬 -Drink bottled water (apparently this is a California thing) 💧 -Cook breakfast for everyone (breakfast is my jam)🥞 -Speak in Movie Quotes 📽 -Totally curl your hair in like 10 Mins💇‍♀️ -Pick out your outfits & a mini makeover👗👠 Would you want to room with me given all of these amazing traits of mine?

Rest in peace @xxxtentacion ❤️ i didn’t really knew you that good but i listened to your songs🤧 nobody deserves this💔 especially not at such a young age like you🤧 20 years... your live just started fr😭 hope you could take out the best of those 20 years❤️ you’re in a better place now👼🏼 make them craaaazy up there😂❤️ i’ll meet you one day👼🏼 you will be missed💔

If you dont like this, then you can unfollow. My body is beautiful and if i wanna show it i will, being confident is something ive learned and i will never let anyone take that knowledge from me again. #pride #lgbtq #bodylove #bodypositive #confident #latinagirl #tallgirlappreciation #thickgirl

Hola! 🇪🇨