I can’t..... 😂...... no caption needed....😂 #happymonday #latina #latinasbelike #relationships

Remember when NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg decided to open his big racist mouth to insult and threaten two women for speaking Spanish at Fresh Kitchen? “Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English... This is America.” Yes this is America- where the constitution guarantees certain basic rights, such as the freedom of speech. (He is a lawyer, you would think he would know this fact.) According to @merriamwebster the definition of speech noun \ ˈspēch \ the communication or expression of thoughts in spoken words Won’t you look at that, there is no mention of language or English. So as far as I am concerned, if you are in America, you have the right to communicate in any language you want to speak. So leave my Spanish/ Creole/ insert your language preference here ____ alone and go play in traffic. #StayWoke #BeBold #BeBawdy

12 days until the day I changed my life hits 1 year! * No more hating what I saw when naked. * No more sitting on the sidelines. I was meant to play! * Start now. * Yea I’m more 80/20 but that’s what works for me. * You’re not me and I’m not you. What I do in MY journey doesn’t effect you and I dont pay your bills so back off. 😊 * Dream it, fight for it and get after it 😳 * I have no goal weight. I just want to be strong🤘🏼with flatter belly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣 So far about 32lbs loss though. * * * #motivationmonday #ketotransformation

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I just want my money, chips guac & queso 🖤🎶

Hola amigas Latinas!! Hoy es Lunes, y para empezar la semana con mucha energia, les quiero regalar una gift card de Starbucks de $15, que será sorteada el día viernes 22 de Junio a las 2:00pm (PST). Es muy simple de participar: - Follow - Etiqueta a 3 amigas latinas con las cuales compartirías un rico café y una buena charla - Tus amigas también pueden participar siguiendo los pasos de aqui arriba * * Sorteo sólo válidoen USA