Things I do that will either make my roommates in Indy hate me or love me: -Sing all of the time and it’s usually one hit wonders or Disney songs (You’re Welcome) 😚🎶 -Get hangry if it’s been too long since I last ate🤬 -Drink bottled water (apparently this is a California thing) 💧 -Cook breakfast for everyone (breakfast is my jam)🥞 -Speak in Movie Quotes 📽 -Totally curl your hair in like 10 Mins💇‍♀️ -Pick out your outfits & a mini makeover👗👠 Would you want to room with me given all of these amazing traits of mine?

Hi, is everyone surviving this Monday? Bitch barely? Us too. 😪 Y’all have been showing lots of luv to our new ruffled socks so... OTRO PINCHE GIVEAWAY! 🔥 Rules: 1. must be following @mijaculture (duh.) 2. tag a friend & comment what color socks you want to win on this photo. That’s it! We will be choosing 4️⃣ winners & we will announce this Friday! Good luck [email protected]!

‘you best serve others when you are taking care of yourself’ so never dare stop loving you ✨ — these were my first ever Levi’s & I love them so much I’m slowly trying to grow a Levi’s denim collection👖 @imlvh has the BEST vintage Levi’s ever! #goals

Hola amigas Latinas!! Hoy es Lunes, y para empezar la semana con mucha energia, les quiero regalar una gift card de Starbucks de $15, que será sorteada el día viernes 22 de Junio a las 2:00pm (PST). Es muy simple de participar: - Follow - Etiqueta a 3 amigas latinas con las cuales compartirías un rico café y una buena charla - Tus amigas también pueden participar siguiendo los pasos de aqui arriba * * Sorteo sólo válidoen USA

Show some #pride on your next mani 💅🏼🌈 #manimonday @cyndiramirez @chillhouse

Reflecting on something I heard this morning✨ “In life we all must suffer one of two pains: The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. Choose wisely...” Giving you something to think about on this beautiful Monday 🤔🤗💕✨ #MyRoadTEA

😂✨ Saw this at the tienda and I had to take a pic. “Who are you when you’re Hungry?” These describe me perfectly. LOL! #VivaLaBONITA #LatinaBrand #LatinaStyle #Latina #Snickers #Hungry #LOL #BONITA #BONITASquad

Back at it 💪🏽

Fun fact: The color blue triggers the release of calming hormones in the brain, making it the best color for relaxation 😌💙 ||

Stay chula and unbothered! #chula #mujeres #chingona #unbothered #croptop #croptops #boutique #mexican #latina #latinastyle #instafollow #follow #shoppingonline #shop #instapic #instamood #mexico #jeans #strongwomen #mom .. you can now get this crop too, Don't forget to check Kissy's boutique to see what's new in store!