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“on days like this, He will always be the one who untangles every worry, and gives your weary soul the rest it desperately needs.” —morgan harper nichols

Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the clouds are excellent masters, they teach some that we can never learn from books. 😊 🎥Time lapse video shot from Rohida Fort, Vichitragad. #iphoneography #timelapse #iphone8plus #gooutside #instago #nature #monsoon #makemoments #liveoutdoors #goexplore #mytravelgram #trek #vichitragad #rohidafort #instahike #travel #nature #rainy #instafit #hiking #feelsbetter #hikingadventures #inshot

snugglin in the tetons🤩

Pictured: Donovan Woods and the Opposition, Skeleton Park, lovely audience members and adorable kids. Not Pictured: my beautiful family who came all the way up from London just to see the festival & all of the fantastic volunteers I've gotten to know these past weeks/months. Bit of a tumultuous weekend with all of the rain and also the power outage yesterday, but we persevered and the volunteer team was incredible. Heart is so full. May or not be crying just a little bit right now. Spoiler I'm actually a huge sentimental dweeb.

Solstice camping weekend magic. Time slowed down while nature provided the space to disconnect from the outside world. To step feet into cold ocean water, to feel grains of sand and harsh pebbles on the soles of feet, to deal with occasional discomfort from mosquito bite, to see surrounding green of tall trees, to sleep next to crashing waves - - that's recharging. No cables or tech needed. #backtonature #digitaldetox

6.25.18 // greece pt.1 🇬🇷 . and the adventure begins. packed a whole lotta clothes and a bunch of camping gear in this tinyyyyy suitcase, charged a zillion camera batteries, and squeezed this little one hard for the last time for the next three weeks. athens and @operationjoshua - I’m coming for ya!✈️

A little bistro lighting can go a LONG way, especially in a space as unique as the @torpedofactory. What are some of your favorite venues in the @visitwashingtondc area?

Views on views on views 🌴

The brands and people who preach love and togetherness and who are remaining silent right now or are only talking about these things in Stories because Stories disappear and don’t muddy up the look of your feed or your brand - we notice. ___ I am the newest of the new white girls to this speaking-out-publicly scene. I know how uncomfortable it is, how awkward it is to try to say the right things and not the wrong things. ___ Speak up anyway. ___ I’m inviting you to read every word of this post from @recoveryspirit. It’s brilliant and true. ___ If you get uncomfortable part way through, please keep reading. ___ I love you and I love us.

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