You are my rock, my best friend, you always know how to calm me down and give me perspective, even when I don’t always want to hear it. 🤦🏻‍♀️😄Thank you so much for being by my side through this crazy journey we’ve had the past 8months!! I wouldn’t have made it without you!! I love you more than words can ever describe ❤️ you definitely are my favorite weirdo 😍 #myhusband #mybestfriend #paulhelenhugo

I love you. I appreciate you, and I see all of your greatness. When you’re all healed and ready for a getaway after welcoming baby boy into the world, I’m taking you out again, my lady. #mybestfriend #iloveyou #youareamazing @laceyonelove

Good morning from mines to yours ☀️ #mybestfriend #son #earlymornings #offtowork #positivevibes

Mollie Rose; It’s been four years. Four years since you’ve left this earth. I still remember that phone call that I don’t ever want to get again.. the devastation and the heart break that I felt, that our friends felt.. that we still feel. It doesn’t seem like four years. It always feels like yesterday that you were suddenly taken. I remember when we were locker buddies. And of course they gave me - the short one, a tall locker. I would drop things on your head and apologize every time. Seventh grade. We kept a book of notes between us. Per my request and none the less it was a tinker bell notebook. We made plans for a sleepover for the first time and I remember we wrote in it everyday until then. We were so excited. That’s when we became friends and then we because best friends and sisters. I remember telling you everything. I remember you were one of the first for me to come out to. I miss you so very much. I know that after high school we drifted and I hated it. We talked here and there but not nearly as much as we should have. But I know that you know - just by all the visits in my dreams and whatnot, that you know that I loved you and cared for you. You’ll always be my best friend. You’ll always be on my mind and in my heart. Forever. I miss you so very much and I know you’re right here beside me always. I love you so very much, Mollie Rose. 🌹💜😘😇💙🌹 #MollieRose #RestEasy #Angel #mybestfriend #memories #UntilWeMeetAgain #ILoveYou #FourYears #missyousomuch

Never have I ever been more excited or so full of love! Welcome home Jimmy boy 😍🐶 A massive thankyou to Bailey at Bestfriends Pet Rescue, he is just perfect 🐾 . . . #jimmy #bestdayever #somuchlove #mybestfriend #adoptdontshop

Równy rok po zaręczynach, prawie trzy lata wspólnej męczarni #morethanlove #mybestfriend

I dont have many pictures with my mom @rhodes6483 but she's the reason for who i am today. She helped me turn my life around for the better. I love you mom! I couldnt of asked for a better mother in my life #mom #mother #myhero #mybestfriend #iloveyoumom #son #painintheass

・ 投稿消してしまったから再投稿 (すいません) またまた投稿するタイミング違うけど ・ ・ だいすきなふう サプライズもありがとう 嬉しすぎた!お手紙も感動!! だけどやっぱりあなたの書いた手紙は面白すぎる笑 みんなもたくさんのおめでとうありがとうございました しあわせ。 ・ ・ #mybestfriend #mybirthday #0811 #thankyou #love #いいね返し #プリント倶楽部 #lll #l4l #fff