É 1ma grande honra nossa fazer alem de negocios, boas amizades e conseguir com nosso trabalho aqueles itens de desejo dos amigos. Mais um cliente e amigo satisfeito !!! Ficamos muito felizes meu velho !!! Venha vc tambem fazer parte da familia Ação & Diversão !!!!! #acaodiversaorj #clientesatisfeito #marvel #vingadores #marvellegends #fourhorsermenmythiclegions #fourhorsermen #mythiclegions #ghostrider #hasbro #vingadoresguerrainfinita #figurasdeacao #actions #actionfigures #colecionadordebrinquedos #colecionador #colecionavel #colecionismo #colecionaveis

#jimpansencreations new Gulacz character head for #mythiclegions figures. Used here on the fantastic Bog Goblin body!

From the journals of Dr. Hans Velsing: “An interesting fact – the Vampire army is the only one in Mythoss that has never marched against another kingdom in an act of aggression. Because the Vampires have no interest in conquest, their forces are used purely for defensive purposes, primarily to guard their lands and stronghold on Mount Dracul. Still, while they have never marched in war against their enemies, that is not to say that the Vampires are content to wait for a threat to come to their doorstep before they deal with it. The Vampires simply prefer to handle those threats in a much “quieter” way, usually by deploying Carpathias’s squadron of assassins to strategically eliminate certain targets that the Ruling Council has deemed to pose a threat of some kind. The most dangerous of these missions often fall to the Vampiric master assassin, Alaric. Spoken about in hushed whispers and known as the “Pale Shadow’, Alaric has never failed on a mission. If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself the target of his hunt, settle your affairs and make good with your maker, for death has cast its shadow upon you. #mythiclegions #customfigure #fourhorsemenstudios #fourhorsemen #vampire #knight #actionfigures #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy #toyphotography

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Bog Crocs are raised from birth by Bog Goblins. With makeshift saddles created from large turtles shells, Bog Goblin riders use these beasts as mounts and muscle to drag heavy loads. They also ride these giant reptiles into battle when necessary. Although slow moving and inherently lazy, Bog Crocs are vicious fighters, and there are few creatures in Mythoss that could survive a bite from their powerful jaws. #mythiclegions #customfigure #fourhorsemenstudios #fourhorsemen #boggoblin #goblin #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy #toyphotography #actionfigures #rampagemovie


I hit a black knight legion builder with some silver paint. I'm not used to Vallejo stuff so it ended up a little sloppy, but I'm happy overall. I might try another in gold like I wanted in the first place, but at 50ish these aren't really custom friendly. Inspiration is from @inccu7311

There are many tales that tell of the Ifrit - fiery, vengeful beings of immense power who reside in the deep deserts of Hezār Afsāna. Only able to be summoned by those who have been terribly wronged, the wicked Ifrit can be used as a tool of vengeance, but they extract a horrible price for their services. Few who have called one of these creatures have lived to tell of the encounter. If you seek justice against one who has harmed you, find another path, for the way of the Ifrit only ends in death. #mythiclegions #customfigure #fourhorsemenstudios #fourhorsemen #ifrit #djinn #genie #fantasy #dungeonsanddragons #actionfigures #toyphotography

Raeler Hammerstrike is really only happy when he is fighting or drinking – which is why he probably spends so time doing exactly those things! A miserable grump of a man, there is still no one you’d rather have by your side when the battle begins. Wielding his Warhammer in one hand and his battle axe in the other, Raeler can often be heard gleefully singing bawdy drinking songs as he wades into the thick of battle. #mythiclegions #customfigure #fourhorsemenstudios #fourhorsemen #actionfigures #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy #toyphotography #barbarian