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Why does nobody appreciate the time and effort I took into PENCIL DRAWING exactly what it looks like to be on psychedlics ..look closer to see the puzzle pieces of peace 😂 #art #draw #pencil #sketch #trip #acid #psychedelic #psychedelicart #mushroom #shroom #psylocibin #mescaline #energy #dotwork #sacredgeometry #sigil #trance #pattern #peace #puzzle

[Post ceremony reflections] . It came to me this: What if the Masters really DO “live” within? What if it’s not so much a matter of “calling on” the “Higher Ones” But of TUNING our inner selves to the entire council and giving ourselves access to whatever would like to flow through us and into the world? As our expressions OF these creative forces? . They gave me a hint of this. A graceful point of reference. A sense . . I had sat there in meditation, night sky playing games with moons shadows on cloud forms Then an acute “silence” - more quiet than I have ever felt - as if the biggest vault had been swung open with me hung there in some sort of zero gravity, the limbo between concept and experience Checking perceptions to be identity self or that of Truth . . Along with this, a wordless urge For nothing . . “Now do you know?” . . Head bowed, I for once, gave offering at my own souls altar . . . . . . #Grateful #MeetYourMasters #CloseYourEyes #OpenYourHeart #Solstice #Ceremony Artist:Unknown

First time fruiting 🍄 Thanks to @jetfuelspores for the 🔥 #bluemeanie shoutout to @willy_myco for the guidance. Will definitely be ordering from @jetfuelspores again. #myco #mycology #mushrooms #cubensis #psylocibin #psychedelic #shroomsupply

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