Эти ливни, шли долго...)… Исполнилось одно мое желание~ ☔ ✔ 🌂 #photo #photography #picture #rain #drops #puddle #evening #long #shower #дождик #капли #исполнилось_желание #вечер #ливни

@atacan_aks took these pictures of me some weeks ago. We where in this abandoned building surrounded by high fences with spikes. We started at around three o clock because we wanted to shoot in the dark and then catch the sunrise on the roof 😁. You can see the pictures I took at my other account @myvisionofbeauty 😊. It was very fun walking through that building because it was pitch black. So we climbed onto the roof a few hours before sunrise and waited. We haven‘t slept for two days at that time so we where tired as hell. And we waited for the sun to rise. But it was cloudy 🙄. We literaly did it to watch the sun rise but the clouds fucked it up 😐. Anyways after the disappointing sunrise the sky cleared up and we explored the roof a little more and found this sick puddle 😜. Atacan almost fell of the roof while taking pictures. This Adventure was over but we wheren‘t allowed to rest. Atacan had to work til afternoon. And I edited a bunch of pictures and went to the next shooting 😂 📷: @atacan_aks Edit: @myvisionofbeauty #story #diary #mylife Like this tshirt? Dm me or @ruhrpottgang_parkour if you want to buy one ❤️⚒ available in white and black from size s up to xxl 🤙🏽

.. 🤙🏻 Oggi giornata dedicata alla formazione🤙🏻 .. Uno stile di vita sano é dato: ➡️ per il 70% dall’alimentazione MA ➡️ per il restante 30% dall’attività fisica .. Quindi tornata ora e via subito a fare una bella passeggiata con i miei sbaus 🐶❤️ .. #ilovemydogs #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #dogsaddicted #puddle #chihuahua #passeggiata #unstoppable