Jam today. What an experience of an album. These guys exceeded all my expectations when I first listened to them. I had to process their differences that separates them from normal metalcore bands. Once I did that, I appreciated their style and how it set them apart. The opening track, Inherit The Earth, sets in motion what to expect heavy wise throughout the album. The spoke word intro gives me chills every time, a haunting, eerie beginning to this album. The spoken word explodes into an onslaught of instrumentals and Garret’s screaming. The features on this are outstanding, @wschamberlain from @underoathband and @corybrandan from @normajeanband I actually just figured out that Cory was on this album. Spencer kills it on Psychescape, good along with some killer instrumentals, especially some heavy riffing. Dying In Circles is a strong showcasing for the superior lyrics, one of my favorite lines being “trade your certainty for awe”. The following track, Understanding Love As Loss, follows suit with more hard hitting lyrics. The singing on this track is also awesome, Tom slays the chorus. The song ends with a menacing “you were my ineffable” which I always found fucking great. Tout Comprendre is an instrumental that I used for my alarm for awhile, it fades perfectly in Panic Room, which is probably the most hard hitting metalcore song ever. If you’ve never listened to it, I recommend watching the music video with it, hard hitting stuff. The breakdown on it is insane and hits like a freight train. Redivider and Nervosa have always been my favorites of the back half of the album, such a good chorus on Nervosa, Cory is such a talented dude. I never found myself going back to the back half of this album but after relistening to it today, all the songs are outstanding. Orphan, No Place To Breathe, First Father, and Inhabit The Wound completes the album well. These guys are gearing up to release their their studio album and from what I heard, it’s heavier than this and could very well top this masterpiece. I’m very hyped for When The End Began.

@silentplanetband seeing this band live completely changes how I listen to their music going forward, in the best way. #joshuafest #silentplanet

Why not close out JoshuaFest with a post midnight @silentplanetband set!? #joshuafest #silentplanet

‘I see the worst in you; a burden to my eyes.’ 7/27 - Lynwood, CA at Ham Park 8/12 - Santa Ana, Ca at Malone’s Concert Venue 8/18 - Fontana, CA // Housewarming Show . . . . #enamourband #enamore #writingmode #chainreaction #anaheim #silentplanet #vocals #tdwptattoo #tattoos #photography #photooftheday #shuremics #fullset #youtube #newthingscoming

.S l e e p. "...We trade the Garden for Cities ,the Tree for a Tower. surrendered our faith, became addicted to power." #silentplanet #vanityofsleep #solidstaterecords #freehand #drawing #blackandgrey #tree #faith #art

We’re sorry we’ve been silent for some time. We have new things to show you all very soon. In the mean time, be sure to come catch us with @fitforakingtx @lmtf and @currents on August 10th at GroundZero in Spartanburg, SC. Tickets in the bio, we love you all ❤️ . 📸: @amped_up_photos . . . . . . #band #metalcore #meinl #line6helix #jacksonguitar #ibanez #silentplanet #inventanimate #forevermore #currentsband #solidstaterecords #sumarianrecords #invougerecords #epitaphrecords #facedownrecords

"Je suis sorti vivant du four crématoire; Je suis le témoin sacré de l'église; Je suis une mère qui a tout perdu..." [Tiny Hands (Au Revoir) - Silent Planet] A little doodle from my smol sketchbook -- ▪️ #doodle #art #sketches #sketch #pencil #pencilsketch #graphite #artistsoninstagram #artistoninstagram #music #rock #silentplanet #tinyhands #sketchbook #sketchbooks #notebook #sketching

Being friends in the corner. #joshuafest #phinehas #silentplanet

Maybe a tour announcement soon? Give my band a follow and see where we go next! @emunessband ___ 📸: @aaronberkshireofficial ____

SILENT PLANET - The Night God Slept ~ Solid State Records ~ 2nd Press/Clear With Blue Smoke/500 . . . I’m so glad that Solid State issued the repress on this album. There was a number of times I nearly forked over $60 - $80 just to get this on vinyl and I’m happy I was patient and held out so I could grab this for $20 on gorgeous wax. I prefer this album over EWS because it does an incredible job creating a dark and brooding atmosphere and it’s a bit more proggy and unique than EWS. The lyrical content on this release is extremely well written and filled with passion and understanding. Simply put, this is a fantastic release from the gents in Silent Planet. I’m excited to listen to their new album, which is coming very soon!

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