nach einer Radtur gönne ich mir hier eine kleine Lesepause. morgen fahren wir nach wismar. (unsere radtur ging übrigens zu edeka)

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you read this series. Taking fairytales as inspiration you start the journey with an amazing retake of Snow White. I loved the uniqueness of what was incorporated from the traditional fairy tales. I haven’t read the story of rumple, so at first I thought it was beauty and the beast. But this story really touched my heart with the sibling bond. I’m not sure what classic fairytale, if any, that a traitor prince stems from. I feel if the prince applied a little more logic in the beginning, it could all have been avoided. So that frustrated me a little. Still a truly remarkable story about trust and friendship. I give this series an 8/10 (P.s I found a typo in a traitor prince. Soooo if your looking for a book editor/ proof reader for your next book @cjredwine, I’d love to apply!) #bookblogger #bookreview #books #yabooks #youngadultbooks #bookworm #booklover #booknerd #yabooknerd #bibliphile #booksarelife #bookstagram #bookstaggrammer #bookishpic #loverofbooks #bookaholic #bookphotography #readerslife #readersquad #igreads #cjredwine #theshadowqueen #thewishgranter #thetraitorprince

ich verbringe die Klassenfshrt damit auch zu lesen. jaja. es ist sehr entspannt, da wir vieles unserer zeut selber einteilen und entscheiden dürfen. ich habe insgesamt sechd bücher mitgenommen, also mal sehen wie viele ich lesen werde. fahrt ihr dieses jahr auch noch auf klassenfahrt? oder wart ihr schon??

This is a really pretty book with a really pretty map ❤ I may feature the map on Map Monday... 😏 I ordered CJ Redwine's other book "The Wish Granter" on the big Book Outlet sale. I can't wait to get all MY BOOKS IN FROM THAT SALE IT'LL BE SO GOOD. . . . Today has been a good reading day. I've finished 2 Holly Black rereads and am going back to "Beyond the Darkened Shore." I want to start my booktube, if you have any unique video ideas for me to start with let me know 😊 . . #theshadowqueen #funkopop #bookstagram #bookish #booksofinstagram #bookshelf #booked #bookphotography #bookishmerch #booklife #booklove #booklover #bookworm #booklovers #books #book #booknerd #bookdragon #bookporn #ilovebooks #igreads #igbooks #ireadgoodbooks #instagramreaders #bibliophile

Do you enjoy fairytale retellings or fairytale-esque books? 📚 I seem to read a lot of them. 📚 Fairytale Theme #notyouraveragetitles

I just finished reading the shadow queen. I really love the story, I love how Kol is forced to be the bad guy, and how he fight against the voices in his head, trying to help Lorelai. #wethebooksjune18 #theshadowqueen #books

Happy happy birthday to one of my besties @justchristia! 🎉🎁🎈 I know, with your old eyes, it’s probably tough to read this so I’ll say it bigger: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 😂❤️ . . In honour of my friend, I put together a stack of books for her to add to her TBR in some of her fave colours! ❤️🧡💛 . . #junebookstagram18 - ombré . . . #redqueen #theshadowqueen #illuminae #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #booklover #bookaddict #bookworm #booknerd #bibliophile #bookstagramfeature #coverart #bookcover #booksofinstagram #bookfeaturepage #bookstagramallstar #bookworm_insta

“‘Bloodlines and birthrights don’t make someone worth following. Neither does the appearance of power. I follow you because you have the courage of a true warrior.’ … ‘I don’t feel courageous. … I just see what needs to be done, and there’s no one else to do it.’” I’m reading through the Ravenspire books in preparation for @maryweberauthor’s book club, which is The Traitor Prince this month. I’m halfway through The Shadow Queen and *loving* it. QOTD: When you think of a wise character, who comes to mind? AOTD: I’ve been loving Gabril in @cjredwine’s The Shadow Queen. #CaptainExploresPassages - Blood on the Cover: page 153 (I’m turning the page to 154 in The Shadow Queen.) #BeautiesOfJune - Nose Stuck in a Book: book you couldn’t put down #MeowvellousBookChallenge - So Many Felines: emotionally destroying book - I’m only halfway through The Shadow Queen, and I already have ALL.THE.FEELS. #InFlamesLit - regret buying - *ahem* I regret /not/ buying this book. I have it from the library, and I keep having to pull out a notebook to keep track of the quotes I want to mark when I /do/ finally buy it. #BookstagramReadsJune - favorite quote - ^ This is a pretty good quote. I’ve got tons coming out of this book that are print/bookmark worthy. #JuneBookstagram18 - Lovely Lavender #LILLyricalMashup - “A Whole New World” (bookish world you’d like to visit) - The Ravenspire world-building is so impressive in it’s creativity and simplicity. I’d be interested in visiting - with Lorelai as my guide.

13th June 2018 | 10:52pm . 📖 “What could be worse than death?” “I am.” - The Shadow Queen, C. J. Redwine . Let’s return to the world where Elizabeth has no idea what I have done with these pictures! I am sure this is the last one... I hope... fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 . . #ABOOKISHKINDOFLOVE18 13th. LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (cover buy) . ~ Not pictured because I messed the pictures up are: - Rebel Of The Sands - The Queen Of The Tearling - Red Queen I think. . Two of these have become some of my favourite series! Yay! 😍❤️ . . Let us ignore my picture failures, and look at this pretty map enjoy! 🤩❤️😍 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #theshadowqueen #cjredwine #YABooks #GirlsWhoRead #Bookish #YA #BookLove #BookLife #Bibliophile #Bookish #BookAddict #Bookworm #Bookagram #BookLove #AssassinsReader

“what a strange thing fear was...” • do you like book to movie adaptations? what’s your favourite one? i remembered liking Divergent when it came out, and Paper Towns wasn’t so bad as well. although my favourite one has to be And Then There Were None (well it’s more of a series but shh🙈🙈) since it’s a mystery and i live on good mysteries😂👌🏼 if you guys haven’t watched it, i recommend you all to! come talk to me once you do😝 • • ps, i don’t know if you can read the writing on the book if you zoom in, but don’t. it’s a spoiler and the book is Shadow Queen by CJ Redwine. i kinda missed it when i took the picture😅

[ " " ] Booktag: #TagProgramadeCasal: ⠀ ⠀Olá, gente linda! ⠀ ⠀ⴾ Amor e livro é sempre uma combinação perfeita 💕! Em homenagem a esse "casal" eu e algumas amigas lindas criamos a booktag #TagProgramadeCasal. ⠀ ⠀🔖 Hoje é seu dia de sorte 🍀! Seu crush literário acabou de ligar e disse que hoje vai ser especial 😍! Com direito a: ⠀ ⠀• Jantar a luz de vela - Seu casal preferido na literatura: ⠀💕 Jubilee e Eric (Perto o bastante para tocar - Coollen Oakley). Adorei acompanhar o diferente relacionamento deles. Seus medos, suas falhas, os momentos estranhos e a vontade enorme de ficarem juntos! 😍 ⠀ ⠀• Filme abraçadinho - Sua adaptação cinematográfica favorita: ⠀💕 Your name. O filme virou mangá 🤔. Tá valendo 😅. Filme lindo! 💖 ⠀ ⠀• Viagem com os amigos - Uma amizade na literatura que você gostaria de viver: ⠀💕 Jane e Lizzie Bennet. A relação dessas irmãs as tornam mais que amigas, Friends! 😂 ⠀ ⠀• O presente perfeito - Livro que você gostaria de ganhar: ⠀💕 No topo da lista de desejos: Aos Perdidos, com amor - Brigid Kremmerer. Quero muito! ⠀ ⠀• Café da manhã na cama - O romance mais amorzinho da sua estante: ⠀💕 Amor e Gelato - Jenna Evans Welch. O primeiro livro do ano é uma fofura só! Mais amorzinho impossível. ⠀ ⠀• Champanhe com morangos - Um livro que fez a temperatura subir. ⠀💕 Seis baguetes para viagem! Adoro romance de época e aqui vou citar a série Os Bedwyns da Mary Balogh. Histórias divertidas e sensuais. ⠀ ⠀• Planos para o futuro - Lugar da viagem dos seus sonhos: ⠀💕 Irlanda! Amo filmes que possuem esse lugar lindo como plano de fundo (Indicação: Casa comigo? 💍). ⠀ ⠀• Declaração de amor - Quote romântico favorito: ⠀💕 "Uma proximidade que não é apenas física. [...] Um sentimento que só pode vir da mais eufórica das sensações: a de pertencer a alguém." (Todo dia - David Levithan) ⠀ ⠀• Quem é seu crush? ⠀💕 A Crika (@pitacosliterarios) estabeleceu a regra "paz & amor": sem nomes = sem sentimentos feridos. Vou aderir hahaha. Todos meus crush literários são igualmente amados 😍. Obrigada por tornarem meus romances melhores. Amo vocês 💖. . . ⠀🦉>> Gostaram das respostas? Sintam-se a vontade para responder ^^. ⠀Feliz Dia dos Namorados! Beijos 😘.