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: de las experiencias visuales más impactantes que tuve en mi vida. La magestuosa e imponente @basilicasagradafamilia del mega artista #gaudí. ♥️♥️ 🇪🇸🇪🇸🇪🇸 @sonyalpha 📷📷📷 #travelling #travelphotography #barcelona #españa #viajareuropa #travelawesome #photography #instapic #travel #street #city #travelblogger #photo #traveldiary #landscape #sonyphotography #sony #trip #land #paisaje #gaudi

A story that touched my heart, and I wanted it to share it with you today. We were having coffee when the men next to us got his shoes polished. This was new to me as, in Belgium we either to it very quickly at home or we give our shoes to the shoe shop. But in this case, a man came and did it. When I kindly asked to take a picture he immediately said ‘Lah’ (meaning no in Arabic). Hence the man in suit in the picture, so I could take one to show how it’s done. But the story is not about how the picture was taking but about the man who wishes to stay anonymous. Habibi started to talk to him and translated to story for me. It goes as followed. The ´shoeman’ has been doing his honest work for more than 30 years. He married the woman of his dreams and raised two beautiful, intelligent children. He provided his family with this work and both of his children are finishing a higher education. The raison why he didn’t want to be on the picture was because non of his familymembers know that he polishes shoes. As for them, it would be a shame on the family. It took my breath away, how can someone be ashamed on a hard working father, loving and providing for his family in a true and honest way. He was friendly and kind and did his job very well! He might be ashamed of himself but I know I would be very proud of him! And so for him a belated but 100% ment happy Fathersday! I’m so proud!

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Hope - Detour • 🤷🏼‍♂️ It's not always easy to find happiness when there's many difficult things going on in life. But if we're open and able to enjoy little things in every day life then there's hope - even if sometimes it's a Detour 😊

Watch out for me, I’m bound to glow 🍃 ☀️ #summervibes #traveldiary #fromwhereistand

Felix in Copenhagen last month 🧢

I really loved the Carters’ video for Apesh*t!! Would die to be able to explore the Louvre after hours without any tourists 😌 #latergram (Also this statue is probably one of my favourite pieces there, so savagely beautiful, reminds me of McQueen’s stuff)

Who would you share this view with? #evlutn