(bom.com) okay okay okay so I know I’ve been posting about @verbproducts like everyday BUT I just had to say that this product in particular has been my bangs best friend since the day I tried it (I normally hop out of the shower, blow dry my bangs, and the put a little bit of this at the ends of my hair + my bangs and it makes your hair look and feel SO silky and it smells amazing) anyway I’m obsessed with verb & highly advise giving it a try

Zararın neresinden dönerseniz kârdır. ↶✖️

A black and white photo of a public restroom.

Ohhhhh, so this is what all the fuss is about! Great dinner and conversations with my brother Dave! We go way back to our HS tennis days!

Finally got to test drive one of these bad boys today. The verdict, as it has been for the past couple of months (ask Rachel, she’s tired of hearing me say it)... I WANT ONE. #tesla #teslamodel3 #teslamotors