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The Swedish government has begun sending all 4.8m of the country’s households a public information leaflet telling the population, for the first time in more than half a century, what to do in the event of a war. Om krisen eller kriget kommer (If crisis or war comes) explains how people can secure basic needs such as food, water and heat, what warning signals mean, where to find bomb shelters and how to contribute to Sweden’s “total defence”. The 20-page pamphlet, illustrated with pictures of sirens, warplanes and families fleeing their homes, also prepares the population for dangers such as cyber and terror attacks and climate change, and includes a page on identifying fake news. “Although Sweden is safer than many other countries, there are still threats to our security and independence,” the brochure says. “If you are prepared, you are contributing to improving the ability of the country to cope with a major strain.” The leaflet advises people to think about how to cope if there was no heating, food became difficult to buy, prepare and store, there was no water in the taps or toilet, and cash machines, mobile phones and the internet stopped working

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El carisma es una cualidad o don natural que tiene una persona para atraer a los demás por su presencia, su palabra o su personalidad, por lo general, una persona carismática no necesita forzar las situaciones en las que esta cualidad se hace visible ya que ellas se dan espontáneamente. Una persona carismática es una persona que disfruta contar con la atención de un determinado público de personas, de comunicarse y que además posee facilidad a la hora de establecer relaciones de tipo interpersonal. Quiero darles un dato mis saltamontes, el carisma se puede desarrollar con el tiempo de acuerdo a determinados elementos que tienen que ver con la personalidad, la facilidad de comunicación y la facilidad de expresarse de una persona. Así que día a día podemos ponerle un granito más! - VAMOS A LLEVARLA A TRABAJAR! #carisma #motivacion #comienzodesemana #buenosdias #lunes #mondaymotivation #turismo #hoteleria #hospitalidad #goodmorning #wakeup #hotels #tourism #hospitality #mexico #colombia #venezuela #vamonos #blessed #fe

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